WILL – Workshop in Informal Logic and Linguistics

May 15, 2016

TRINITY works together with The Department of English and General Linguistics at the University of Łódź to organize the first session of WILL: An Argumentation Forum, to be held at the Faculty of Philology in Łódź. The aim of this meeting is to discuss the theory and practice of argument and reasoning from a linguistics perspective. Topics will depend on the interests of the participants, but are likely to include:

The Language of Argumentation

Argumentation and Experiment in Linguistics

The Nature of Evidence

Informal Logic


Materials for Teaching Argumentation

Rhetoric and Persuasion

Rather than presentations followed by a few minutes for discussion, this meeting will feature workshops of about one hour, concentrating on providing a forum for discussion and co-operation. If you are interested in participating in the event or leading a workshop please contact me for more details or download the registration form below and send it to: WILL2016lodz@gmail.com

Possibilities for publication will be discussed at the event. The participation fee will be just 50 zloty or 15 Euros and will cover workshop materials and light refreshments but not meals. Detailed instructions for payment will appear here in due course. Accommodation in the nearby University Conference Centre can also be arranged upon request.

Organisers: Dr Martin Hinton, Dr Carlo Martini

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