The Trinity of Policy-Making: Evidence, Causation and Argumentation

A project funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Workshops Grants Scheme)


News: Special Issue with Topoi (deadline September 2018)  

Running from 2015 to 2018, TRINITY brings together scientists, philosophers of science, argumentation scholars, and policy-makers to explore the notion of evidence-based policy, and to discuss the role of experts in the translation of scientific evidence into policy advice.


Generously supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the TRINITY project’s official home is the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki (contact: Carlo Martini). TRINITY also cooperates with the following projects:

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CauseHealth. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (contact Rani Lill Anjum).


ArgLab. New University of Lisbon (contact Fabrizio Macagno).


WEXD – When Experts Disagree. University College Dublin (contact Maria Baghramian).

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